About us

We are a specialist business and investment law firm founded in 2008 by experienced lawyers with leading international law firm backgrounds. We have grown considerably since then, but with care, focussing on high standards, high quality work and developing the best lawyers in the market.

We get new businesses up and running. More than 350 market entries to date.

We get acquisitions over the line and closed. More than 250 acquisitions to date. Total value in excess of €5 billion.

We keep businesses moving forward and investments gaining in value. We focus 100% on our clients achieving their business and investment objectives.

Where appropriate, we become closely integrated into our clients’ businesses, working within and as part of our clients’ teams, rather than as an unengaged third party working at a distance.

We are always available, approachable and easy to work with. We can work for rewards based on results

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KNP Kamiński sp. k.

ul. Floriańska 2 

03-707 Warsaw


Telephone: +48223908400

Email: office@knpk.eu